Owner's Benefits

It's more than

just a car

When buying a car from us, you’re stepping into
a world of extraordinary lifestyle benefits.

As a proud new BYD owner, you're invited to savour life's luxuries at EightX's premier lifestyle hubs.
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Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy up to
30% Discounts

Enjoy an exclusive 30% discount on all food & drinks at your selected favourite lifestyle hub, and 10% for all other lifestyle hubs

Dining Vouchers

Indulge with a
$3,000 F&B voucher

Create memories and indulge in $3000 worth of delectable dining experiences across any of our lifestyle hubs

Event Voucher

Celebrate with a $2,000 Event Voucher

Throw a party and celebrate milestones at any of our event venues with a complimentary open bar

Referral Bonus

Earn Referral
Bonus of $500

Refer your friends to purchase a BYD and be rewarded with $500 F&B vouchers each!

Vantage Automotive Logo

You are in safe hands

As the authorised distributor of BYD cars for BYD by 1826, Vantage Automotive brings to the partnership its extensive experience in providing excellent customer service, expertise in after-sales service.

future of automotive

You're not just
buying a car, you're buying a lifestyle.

  • NEW
    Fully Electric
    4-Door Electric Sports Coupé
    Driveaway From
    $1,759 / month
  • Fully Electric
    BYD ATTO 3
    Safe & Stylish SUV
    Driveaway From
    $1,256 / month
    BYD ATTO 3
  • Fully Electric
    BYD Dolphin
    Spacious & Compact Hatchback
    Driveaway From
    $1,173 / month
    BYD Dolphin
  • Fully Electric
    BYD E6
    Practical & Comfortable MPV
    Driveaway From
    $1,206 / month
    BYD E6
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